Sortie au CinéVille de Conflans 4e1, 4e3, 4e5 et 4e6 "Bend It Like Beckham"

(actualisé le ) par S Giroux

School Outing (“sortie”) to the cinema :
"Bend It Like Beckham"

On Thursday June 6th we went to the cinema in the CineVille from Conflans.
We saw the film : "Bend It Like Beckham", a British comedy-drama, in the English original version subtitled in French.
This movie was directed by Gurinder Chadha and released in 2002.
The main characters are played by Parminder NAGRA , Keira KNIGHTLEY and Jonathan RHYS MEYERS.

The movie starts with a dream :

Jesminder ( Parminder NAGRA ), a teenage girl, whose nickname is "Jess", from Indian origins and who lives in England, is dreaming that she plays a football match with David Beckham. She has scored a decisive goal but her dream ends badly because her mother appears and gets angry. Indeed ( "en effet") she doesn’t want her daughter to play soccer (= football), and especially not in shorts !

The themes in this film are :

- Professional football for girls
- Racism
- Religion : integration of the Indian community in the British society
- Sexism : The boys who mock the girls playing football
- Conflict between parents and children : Jesminder’s parents want her to have a really good job ( becoming a lawyer “avocat”) and a husband from the Indian community
- Homosexuality : Jess has got a bestfriend whose name is Juliette, nickname Jules. Jules’s mother thinks she is homosexual and is very worried because she can’t accept this. Besides ("de plus") Jess’s male bestfriend , called Tony, is homosexual but it’s a problem for him because people are not tolerant
- Love : love meets (“rencontre”) obstacles. Jess and her football coach, Joe, are in love but Jules is in love with him, too (“aussi”). And Jess’s parents are not happy with Joe having a boyfriend, especially, a white boy

The film is humorous but also (“aussi”) sad (# happy) sometimes and instructive, showing aspects of the Indian culture. And it has a happy end !!

Travail collectif d’élèves de 4e3 et 4e6 avec pour secrétaire principale : Anémeyane Sanghami (4e3),
aidée de deux assistantes : Eloïse Tshikunga (4e6) et Katheline Morais (4e3)